Electricity generating hometrainer

Here are some models of early concepts. The model at the left was chosen to be developed to a final concept.

This hometrainer converts kinetic energy into electrical energy and supplies it to the grid. Parts like saddles or pedals can easily be changed to the user’s own liking. Users can also make their own colour combinations.

Sideview and frontview of the hometrainer.

These are different colour versions of the hometrainer. Because some parts can be taken off with ease, the customer can make his/ her own colour arrangement.

Some product features and details.


Group project- Design a hometrainer that can generate energy and supply the electrical energy to the grid. The hometrainer must be designed for men and women between the age of 20 and 70. Although the target group has many different ages and people, the design must be appealing to them.


Idea- generation, Sketching, 3D modeling, cost-calculation






3D model, renderings, presentation and report